Inspector 4000 Datasheet

Inspector Model 4000 Datasheet

The Inspector 4000 is the Industry’s Most Flexible ANSI Method Verifier

The Inspector 4000 fulfills the ANSI method standards like no other verifier on the market. Key features include a patented Auto-Optic scan head that allows menu selections for four aperture sizes and two light wavelengths.

The Inspector 4000 meets the American National Standard Institute’s "Guideline for Bar Code Quality’ (ANSI X3.182) method for verification. It also meets Uniform Code Council (UCC) and CEN specifications regarding verification methods.

This truly unique and powerful instrument is also easy to use. All the popular linear symbologies are supported. Store and print capability, multiple scan averaging and subsymbology choices are easily accessed through a simple four-button user interface. Analysis information appears immediately on a 32-character alphanumeric liquid crystal display (LCD). A distinct audible tone and a series of five colored LED’s indicate whether a bar code is in or out of specification.

In addition to the ANSI method parameters, traditional analysis parameters are provided on the LCD without the need for special mode settings.

Data can also be sent to an optional printer or to RS-232 compatible equipment for further analysis.

Two Auto-Optic scan head versions are available – 3, 6, 10, 20 mil or 3, 5, 10, 20 mil aperture choices. Both versions provide red (660 nm)and infra-red (925nm) light wavelength selections.

Accessories available include two printer models and a battery charger/power supply.



  • Code 39; ANSI Traditional, w/mod43, AIAG, LOGMARS, HIBC
  • UPC A & E/EAN 8 & 13 including 2 and 5 digit supplemental codes
  • Code 128; ANSI, Shipping Container
  • Codabar Variant
  • Interleaved 2 of 5; ANSI Traditional, Case Code
  • Code 93


  • Auto-discrimination between symbologies
  • Store and Print capability
  • Bi-directional scanning
  • Single scan or multiple scan averaging (up to 10 scans)

Parameters Analyzed

  • ANSI; Overall Symbol Grade, Decodability, Symbol Contrast, Reflectance (min/max), Modulation, Defects, Edge Contrast, Ref. Decode, Application Compliance
  • Traditional; PCS, Ratio, Avg. Bar Deviation, Quiet Zones, Mod Check, Encodation Check

User Interface

  • Simple 4 button: On, Print, Select, Enter
  • 4-line LCD
  • 5 LED’s – indicate Overall Symbol grade
  • Audible tones indicate pass/fail results, low battery

Auto-Optic Scan Head

  • Two aperture configurations available; 3, 5, 10 and 20 mil or 3, 6, 10 and 20 mil
  • Two light wavelengths; 660nmg and 925 nm

Standard Accessories

  • AA size Alkaline batteries

Optional Accessories

  • Printer: TP140A
  • Battery charger (can be used as AC power supply w/batteries removed from unit)
  • AA size NiCad Rechargeable Batteries (for use with charger)


  • 7.8 " (198 mm)L x 4.6" (117 mm)W x 1.9" (48 mm) D
  • 32 oz. (907 g) wt.

Product Applications

  • Portable verifier for screening codes printed on thermal or laser printers
  • Codes with Large (> 25-mil) X dimension
  • Verify using IR light
  • Printing codes with multiple sized X dimension
  • Measure reflectance of material
  • UPC codes on flat surfaces
  • Applications using code 93 bar codes