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RJS Portable Bar Code Verifiers
RJS Technologies, Inc. is the manufacturer of the Inspector series portable bar code verifiers. The Inspector series portable bar code verifiers are accurate, repeatable devices that are used world-wide to ensure bar codes will work throughout the supply chain.Simple, reliable tools that can handle the stress of an industrial environment for many years are some of the hallmarks of the Inspector series.

Check if you received a counterfeit RJS bar code verifier!
Customers in China and Southeast Asia continue to battle counterfeit RJS units. The link below will help determine if you have been delivered a counterfeit unit.
Inspection of bar codes using a counterfeit unit does not provide companies with protection against fines, penalties, or product rejection
How to determine if your bar code verifier is counterfeit (it is very easy to tell a legit unit from a counterfeit unit):
Identifying Counterfeit Bar Code Verifier 

If your company received a counterfeit unit, immediately return the unit to the agent you purchased it from and contact one of our authorized resellers:
– ScanHero (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Global)
– Chinetek (Asia)
– Munazo (Japan)
– Systems Scanning Limited (Hong Kong)
Latest Firmware versions:
Inspector 5000
Changes in the latest firmware: Version 1.105 Changes
Firmware upgrade instructions: Instructions
Download latest firmware: Version 1.108

Inspector D4000
Changes in the latest firmware:Version A.17 Changes
The D4000 firmware is not field upgradeable and the cost is $100 (if unit is under warranty, out of warranty units are charged the standard flat-rate service fee in addition to the $100) or may be requested when RJS services your bar code verifier.

A new version of the VCIR software was released
The VCIR upgrade is available at no charge (for existing VCIR customers) and can be downloaded from: VCIR_Software.zip.

RJS Product History Timeline

  RJS has a long history of product development. Here is the timeline of products since the first verifier back in 1975.

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