Laser Inspector 1000

Laser Inspector 1000
The L1000 analyzes the essential traditional verification parameters including average bar deviation, quiet zones, encodation check, mod check and ratio where applicable. It also provides the ISO/ANSI method Decodability calculation and percent of decode information. Designed for maximum ease of use, even traditionally hard to verify bar codes such as high density codes with 5 mil (.13mm) X dimensions and codes on irregular, wet, shiny, laminated or moving surfaces are accurately analyzed.
  • Automatically discriminates between all popular symbologies
  • Store and Print capability
  • Database and data match modes
  • Bi-directional scanning
  • Single scan, multiple scan averaging or continuous scans
  • Percent Decode (in continuous scanning mode)
  • Provides the full benefits of laser scanning
  • Non-contact laser scanner
  • Simple point and shoot operation, no training required
  • Analyzes ratio, encodation, mod check, bar width deviation, quiet zone and ANSI Method Decodability grade calculation
Supplies & Accessories
TP140B Printer with Cable 110 VAC part number 002-9020
TP140B Printer with Cable 220 VAC part number 002-7185
TP140/140A/140B Printer Paper, 4 rolls of 250 feet part number 002-6117
TP140/140A/140B Printer Paper, 2 rolls of 574 feet part number 002-6119
TP140B Verifier Cable part number 002-6773
Rechargeable Batteries, 4 part number 002-0967
Battery Charger 110 VAC part number 002-1425
Battery Charger 220 VAC part number 002-1617
Database Download Kit part number 002-8009
Additional Laser Inspector 1000 Manual part number 002-5568

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