TP-140A Printer

TP140A Report Printer
NOTE: The TP140A printer is obsolete and has been replaced with the TP140B printer.
The TP140A Report printer allows for printing of inspection reports from your Inspector series bar code verifier. The printer provides a simple report that will have a line for each bar code inspected. Note: The Verifier Computer Interface Report (VCIR) is required if you need the Scan Reflectance Profile (SRP).
  • Compatible with Inspector 5000 (all models), D4000 (all models), I-4000, L-1000, and I-3000 bar code verifiers
  • Record keeping for proof of compliance
  • Printed on a 4 inch wide direct thermal report
  • Provides all bar code inspection details (varies by bar code verifier model)
Supplies & Accessories
TP140A Printer with Cable 110 VAC part number 002-9018
TP140A Printer with Cable 220 VAC part number 002-7181
TP140/140A Printer Paper, 4 rolls of 250 feet part number 002-6117
TP140/140A Printer Paper, 2 rolls of 574 feet part number 002-6119
TP140/140A Verifier Cable part number 002-6773
Rechargeable Batteries, 4 part number 002-0967
Battery Charger 110 VAC part number 002-1425
Battery Charger 220 VAC part number 002-1617
Database Download Kit part number 002-8009
Additional Inspector 4000 Manual part number 002-5564
Reflectance Calibration Plaque part number 002-7410

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