TP-140B Printer

TP140B Report Printer
The TP140B Report printer allows for printing of inspection reports from your Inspector series bar code verifier. The printer provides a simple report that will have a line for each bar code inspected. Note: The Verifier Computer Interface Report (VCIR) is required if you need the Scan Reflectance Profile (SRP).
  • Compatible with Inspector 5000 (all models), D4000 (all models), I-4000, L-1000, and I-3000 bar code verifiers
  • Record keeping for proof of compliance
  • Printed on a 4 inch wide direct thermal report
  • Provides all bar code inspection details (varies by bar code verifier model)
Supplies & Accessories
TP140B Printer with Cable 110 VAC part number 002-9020
TP140B Printer with Cable 220 VAC part number 002-7185
TP140/140A/140B Printer Paper, 4 rolls of 250 feet part number 002-6117
TP140/140A/140B Printer Paper, 2 rolls of 574 feet part number 002-6119
TP140/140A/140B Verifier Cable part number 002-6773
Rechargeable Batteries, 4 part number 002-0967
Battery Charger 110 VAC   part number 002-1425
Battery Charger 220 VAC part number 002-1617
Database Download Kit part number 002-8009
Additional Inspector 4000 Manual   part number 002-5564
Reflectance Calibration Plaque   part number 002-7410

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