Verifier Computer Interface Report (VCIR)

Verifier Computer Interface Report (VCIR)
The Verifier Computer Interface Report (VCIR) is a Windows software package that allows for transferring inspection report from your Inspector series bar code verifer to a computer. Once transferred you can review the ISO/ANSI inspection reults or view the scan reflectance profile for detailed troubleshooting. The inspection results can be saved by job for later retrieval or to append new inspection results to the existing job. As each job is saved an Excel spreadsheet (CSV file) is generated. You can customize which parameters should be saved in the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet provides a simple report that will have a line for each bar code inspected.
  • Compatible with D4000 (all models), I-4000, L-1000, and I-3000 bar code verifiers
  • Record keeping saved by job with a time and date stamp
  • Automatically generate daily job reports
  • Customized job naming using a Prefix or Suffix for easy archival of jobs
  • Viewable Scan Reflectance Profile (requires D4000 Auto Optic, I-4000, or I-3000)
  • Generate an Excel spreadsheet of entire production runs
  • Reports may be printed to any Window Printer
  • Simple transfer of inspection results to other quality management or analysis software packages
Supplies & Accessories
TP140A Printer with Cable 110 VAC part number 002-9018
TP140A Printer with Cable 220 VAC part number 002-7181
TP140/140A Printer Paper, 4 rolls of 250 feet part number 002-6117
TP140/140A Printer Paper, 2 rolls of 574 feet part number 002-6119
TP140/140A Verifier Cable part number 002-6773
Rechargeable Batteries, 4 part number 002-0967
Battery Charger 110 VAC part number 002-1425
Battery Charger 220 VAC part number 002-1617
Database Download Kit part number 002-8009
Additional Inspector 4000 Manual part number 002-5564
Reflectance Calibration Plaque part number 002-7410
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