Inspector Model GS D4000 Auto Optic

Inspector Model GS D4000 Auto Optic
Note the GS D4000 Auto Optic has been discontinued.  We recommend the Inspector 5000 Auto Optic as a replacement.

The Model GS D4000 Auto Optic provides ISO 15416 and ANSI X3.182 Method for GS1-128 (full Application Identifier – AI – data content testing), Code 128, UPC, and EAN bar codes. This truly unique and powerful instrument is also easy to use. Store and print capability, multiple scan averaging and subsymbology choices are easily accessed through a simple four-button user interface.

Choose the Inspector D4000 Auto Optic if you need to inspect Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, ITF-14 bar codes, or do not need full GS1-128 support.

  • Meets ISO 15416 and ANSI X3.182 verification method (Requires Auto Optic scanner)
  • Auto-Optic scan head that allows menu selections for four aperture sizes and two light wavelengths
  • Scan Reflectance Profile Available via Printer or Comm Port
  • Auto-discriminates between GS1-128, Code 128, UPC, and EAN symbologies
  • Bidirectional scanning
  • Traditional analysis also provided
Supplies & Accessories
TP140A Printer with Cable 110 VAC part number 002-9018
TP140A Printer with Cable 220 VAC part number 002-7181
TP140/140A Printer Paper, 4 rolls of 250 feet part number 002-6117
TP140/140A Printer Paper, 2 rolls of 574 feet part number 002-6119
TP140/140A Verifier Cable part number 002-6773
Rechargeable Batteries, 4 part number 002-0967
Battery Charger 110 VAC part number 002-1425
Battery Charger 220 VAC part number 002-1617
Additional Inspector 4000 Manual part number 002-5564
Additional Laser Inspector 1000 Manual part number 002-5568
Reflectance Calibration Plaque part number 002-7410
Firmware (A.00)
  • Full GS1-128 Application Identifier Support – Current D4000 units have a limit of 32 characters, and are missing some newer Application Identifiers (AIs). The new A.07 allows for the full GS1 limit of 48 data characters to be inspected and will not impose a limit on the maximum number of AIs in the bar code.

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FIRMWARE version A.00 and Later
Manual GS D4000

GS D4000, GS D4000 Auto Optic Manual – Firmware A.00 and later